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Dynamics 365 Apps & Add-ons Benefits


This blog outlines the many reasons why the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP Platform has proved so be a leader in its field.  One of the significant USPs is due to its powerful flexibility to address any add-on requirements and customisations which you may need to drive your Business Success.

Why Dynamics 365 Apps & Add-ons:

One of the many reasons that the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Solution has proved so be a leader in its field, is due to its powerful flexibility to address any add-on requirements and customisations you may require as your business needs change and grow. 

Simply Dynamics has several Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central value add add-ons & Apps to improve the operational efficiency of your ERP Solution. These include solutions created by Microsoft, Simply Dynamics as well as third party add-ons. These enhancements improve upon the standard Dynamics Business Central software by:

  • Streamlining and automating business processes
  • Reducing implementation time
  • More comprehensive – you get additional functionality
  • Safe & Secure – we provide tried-and-tested functionality
  • Faster to implement – software is ready to install on day 1
  • Great value-add Custom Specific Add-ons & Apps – We also develop custom add-ons & Apps to meet your specific Business & Industry requirements.

With the many apps we have for Dynamics 365 Business Central listed on AppSource, we have reached a new milestone with apps that greatly enrich the functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central.  Our  DynamicsShop delivers a vast range of Apps to bring next level automation to your Dynamics 365 ERP Solution.

Below is a summary of some of our available Apps on our DynamicsShop – where you will also have the option to:

  • Download your free trial
  • See all the latest features and benefits
  • View flexible pricing options
  • Check out the User Guides
  • Watch the videos and see for yourself the many benefits of what Dynamics 365 Apps & Add-ons can bring to your business…

Billing & Collection Apps:

  • SD Long Term Agreements App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – allows users complete manage rebates, LTA’s, Over-riders and free of charge stock issues for both customers and vendors based on historical activity. You can calculate for accrual only or issue settlements as credit notes, reports or free of charge stock all from within Business Central. Learn more @ SD Long-term Agreements
  • SD Credit Controller App for Dynamics 365 Business Central – enhances your debt collection and credit control with full event logging, automated internal tasks, external reminders, and Group Company Credit views. The KPI’s highlight performance by credit controller or customer. Learn more @ SD Credit Controller
  • SD Payment Gateway App – allows users process one-off / ad-hoc credit card transactions and easily allocate the credit card transactions against Dynamics 365 Business Central transactions.  You can also easily define and setup recurring credit card transactions to process through your payment gateway. Learn more @ SD Payment Gateway
  • SD Billing Engine App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – allows users complete flexibility to manage 3 billing types. You can set-up recurring contract billing. Track activity-based billing from imported files or Item Ledger entry events or Log manuals events to be billed. All managed in one easy interface within your Business Central ERP Solution. Learn more @ SD Billing Engine
  • SD Trade Counter App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – is for users who want a simplified point of sale system. Using pared back Order, Quote and Credit Memo pages with large action buttons you can quickly and easily input your transactions and cash out quickly. Tills and till users are linked to Locations and SD Trade Counter allows for the option to initiate and reconcile tills.  Learn more @ SD Trade Counter
  • SD Intelli Pricing App – gives you more flexibility and control over your sales price rules. Bypass standard find best price functionality. Price can be based on order, shipment, requested or document date. Control your Contract pricing and Listed Product pricing. Alerts for low margin and inactive prices. Easy to use Price update worksheet. Learn more @ SD Intelli Pricing

Business Intelligence Apps:

  • SD BI Sales Cockpit App – allows you track and display either at Manager or salesperson level your sales cycle activity for Quotes and Orders. It forces users to log a lost reason code on quotes before they are deleted. You can also generate Customer Alerts for drops in sales value activity (Cliff Report) comparing variable periods – with the activity analysed down to item category level. All of the above data can also be presented out to a ready-made set of Power BI Dashboards via ODATA Feeds. Learn more @ SD BI Sales Cockpit
  • SD BI Inventory Cockpit App – allows you alert and action stock replenishment for items with critical, replenishment required, overstocked or short shelf-life levels. You can also monitor and alert on stock items where their sales level has dropped by more than a defined % against a prior period you select. All this information is available directly in your BC client or a Power BI Dashboard with a range of published ODATA feeds. Learn more @ SD BI Inventory Cockpit

Interface Apps:

  • SD Interface Courier App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – manages and automates booking couriers against your shipments directly from your Business Central client with 1 click. Labels and parcel tracking codes are also automatically returned. Track costs and notify clients during the shipping cycle. Learn more @ SD Interface Courier 
  • SD Interface Banking App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central = provides pre-built interfaces for Credit Transfer, Direct Debit and Statement Upload for the leading Irish and UK Banks. Learn more @ SD Interface Banking 
  • SD Interface EDI App for Business Central – allows users the flexibility to set-up unlimited trading partners, unlimited Peers or VANS (Value Added Networks) including direct messages or point to point.  You can then create message formats for each in CSV, XML, TRADACOMS or EDIFACT formats. All this in a simple easy to use interface embedded in your Dynamics 365 Business Central User Role Centre. Learn more @ SD Interface EDI

Utility Apps:

  • SD Case Manager App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – offers a highly flexible means of logging, tracking, escalating and alerting issues as cases. Allowing individual configurable case queues, user-definable case workflows, template case actions and case escalation rules. Notify both internal and external parties on case progress and actions needed or taken. Learn more @ SD Case Manager
  • SD Document Pack App is in the 20+ of the most used documents in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Enabling you to define, and display, both the static, and dynamic information printed in the Header and Footer Sections of these Documents. Define the Header and Footer colours on your documents, matching the colours to your Company Logo or Branding. Barcodes and barcode content can be easily defined and printed on the supplied Launch Documents, and you can define your document info panel content yourself all with no need to code. Learn more @ SD Document Pack
  • SD LinkBox App – enables drag and drop attachment association with any Dynamics 365 Business Central record. You can also version control changes via a check in and check out process and add security to allow on certain User groups read, modify, insert, or delete in approved areas. You can add default templates to a record which will auto insert when the record is created to be completed by a user for that record. Learn more @ SD LinkBox
  • SD Data and GDPR Manager App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – allows users complete flexibility to manage Data Security and Validation including field level security with the need for code changes. GDPR requirements are also met with the ability to track request and control any table or field for GDPR requirements. Learn more @ SD Data & GDPR Manager
  • SD Bulk Mailer App for Microsoft Dynamics365 Business Central – manages automated scheduled or manual emailing and printing of all your standard Dynamics documents.  Users can use a rich HTML editor for professional and consistent email communications.  With print and post costing on average €1.50 per document just moving 53 documents to digital send per month will pay for the system.​ Learn more @ SD Bulk Mailer
  • SD Stores Logistics App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Business – using SD Stores Logistics you can drop your Sales, Purchase and Transfer Orders to a dynamic embedded map (using google maps) providing a customisable visual overview as you build your delivery routes. You can use SD Stores Logistics to calculate and issue Purchase Orders and Invoices for your Shipping Agents delivery charges. Learn more @ SD Stores Logistics

Dynamics 365 Apps & Add-ons Benefits – Enhance the ROI of your Dynamics 365 Business Central:

Enhance the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central in minutes via our Add-ons & Apps on DynamicsShop & Microsoft AppSource and take your Dynamics 365 Business Central to another level for your end users.  Simply start with just what you need to run your business – and add-on as your Business needs change.

Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps: 

To learn more about how your organisation can drive your Business Success with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps & Add-ons – Contact Us Now or why not request a Free 30 Minute Consultation with our Dynamics 365 ERP & CRM Specialists Now – we’re here to help




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