SD Bulk Mailer (SD-BULK)

Microsoft Dynamics 365

SD Bulk Mailer App

for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by Simply Dynamics

SD Bulk Mailer App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central manages automated scheduled or manual emailing and printing of all your standard Dynamics documents.  Users can use a rich HTML editor for professional and consistent email communications.  With print and post costing on average €1.50 per document just moving 53 documents to digital send per month will pay for the system.​

Key Features

  • Scheduled Automated sending (Email or Print).
  • Manual send option in just a few clicks.
  • Defined points of contact for consistent communication.
  • Auto attachments based on scheduled dates (e.g. auto include promotion flyer on set future dates).
  • Full history maintained (so you can respond to “I never got that Invoice”!!).
  • Rich HTML editor for consistent professional communications.

Use Case Examples

  • Auto send (email) Sales Quotes or Order Confirmations on release.
  • At End of Month issue Customer statements by print or email.
  • Auto send (email) Shipment advices on posting shipments.
  • Maintain complex contact communication requirements ensuring all key contacts are emailed.
  • Ensure other PDF’s are auto included e.g. your terms and conditions or special promotions.


SaaS Licence

Unlimited Users per licence
Unlimited Companies per licence
Minimum Term 6 months
Direct Debit or Prepaid

Trial Licence

30 Days Free Trial
Deploy via Appsource
Includes Demo setup data
Auto updates
For SaaS sites only


On Request

Why use Simply Dynamics SD Bulk Mailer App?

D365 Business Central Automated Document Distribution

30 Day Free Trial Via Microsoft App Source

Monthly Rental SaaS Users only



Introduction + Overview
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Version History

What do you get with Simply Dynamics SD Bulk Mailer App?

SD Bulk Mailer App for Dynamics 365 Business Central


  • App file
  • Prior to V15 we provide a FOB file
  • App file can be installed direct from Microsoft App Source
  • FOB’s may need partner assistance + Licence update


  • Major Versions
  • Every 6 months
  • Major releases will receive an update within 21 days
  • Minor releases only receive bug fixes if required


  • PDF User Guide
  • Online Video library
  • Remote Training Option
  • Remote Support Option
SD Bulk Mailer App for Dynamics 365 Business Central
SD Bulk Mailer App for Dynamics 365 Business Central


  • Assisted Setup
  • Template Config Package
  • Install & Setup – guide 2 hours
  • Training – guide 4 hours


  • Email Support
  • Mon-Fri 09:00 to 17:30 GMT
  • Bug fixes
  • Feature requests considered for major release cycle

What do you need?


Essentials and Premium editions


English and machine translation on request


GB, IE, NA and other major regions
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