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Run your entire business with a single ERP, anywhere, anytime with Dynamics 365 ERP Solutions 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP end-to-end business management software solutions 

Deploy a single, end-to-end solution for managing all your business processes – a winning combination of integrated Dynamics 365 ERP & CRM cloud solutions – enabling you to start small and just add Apps as your business grows.

Make smarter decisions, and accelerate growth with Dynamics 365 Business Central  – a comprehensive business management ERP solution with exceptional flexibility and can be customised to suit all Business Requirements.

Transform the way you do business. Streamline and automate systems and processes, manage all your business needs across finance, operations, sales and customer service. Easily integrate with other Microsoft cloud services including Office 365, Power BI and more…

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Identify the limitations of your current system

Here are three signs that it might be time to replace your legacy system and implement a new & flexible cloud ERP solution:


  • Growth cap – Has your current system kept up with you as you have grown and added more staff, clients, and business processes or entered into new lines of business or markets?
  • An ERP solution should allow your company to expand while it operates and maintains everyday business processes.
  • Lack of insights – Even though ERP software offers real-time visibility of an entire business, as well as insights into the industry landscape, many companies still opt for legacy software that works independently from other systems. This can lead to different departments working in silos.
  • Software that ties all your disparate systems together while offering data analytics and business insights is a win-win, offering productivity, growth, and a competitive edge.
  • Costly legacy system – Most companies have taken a deep dive into what they’re paying for their current ERP deployment fees and maintenance. Although they know about the hard costs, many don’t know about the pros and cons that come with each deployment option, whether it’s on-premises, in the cloud, or a hosted ERP solution.
  • It may be time for an even closer look to decide if you should move to the cloud.

 What any good ERP system should offer

The real-time visibility of ERP systems improves decision-making, helps identify issues before they occur, and increases overall productivity.  By bringing together data from a variety of different sources, ERP systems help you improve operational procedures. With a 360-degree view of your business processes, you’ll be able to respond quickly to changes in requirements or regulations, keeping all systems in compliance across the globe.

With an end-to-end view of your business, here are some common features and benefits of clearly-defined ERP systems:

  • Optimized operations – Gain greater control over disconnected areas of your business through the automation, task prioritization, and data integration of ERP systems.
  • Aligned teams – Increase business productivity, enable the flow of data between departments, and encourage collaboration by breaking down data silos.
  • Unified data – Eliminate duplication, reduce errors, and boost data accuracy by maintaining a centralized repository for data from all departments.
  • Improved decision-making – Make predictive insights and data-driven decisions with real-time information about your organization.
  • Reduced costs – Reduce mistakes and uncover issues before they happen—insight across the business increases efficiency and reduces costs overall.
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Selecting the right ERP for your Business

Helping leaders gain insight, optimize operations, and improve decision-making, ERP systems break down data silos and integrating information between different departments.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from an ERP system. If your business expansion is hindered by your software, it’s a good time to identify a system that can help you grow. While many systems exist, it’s important to know what to look for when evaluating a potential ERP system for your organization. These features are helpful to consider as you select a well-structured, well-suited, and well-defined ERP system.


  • Fit for growth – Needs change constantly in the fast pace of today’s business world. Look for a system that will grow with your organization.
  • Adapts to your needs – Use one app or multiple, with the flexibility to customize, extend, and integrate your solution with other industry systems.
  • Cloud-based, mobile-friendly – In the office or out on the job site, find a solution that keeps your team connected wherever they are.
  • More than ERP – Look for applications that offer the broadest view of your business. Combine customer relationship management (CRM), ERP, human resources, and other tools to connect all areas of your organization.
  • Pair and share – Invest in a system that offers a unified experience, letting you connect and share data across different apps.
Dynamics 365 Business Central

Some key Benefits:

Modern ERP systems offer built-in intelligence to help guide users to optimal outcomes. They also scale with your business as you expand into other markets and help keep client and company data secure.  Plus, a modern ERP platform goes even deeper into meeting your business needs by offering less costly customisation. This means it can work with your legacy system, but also extends your everyday processes as you grow.

Some of the other resource planning tools it offers could help you:

  • Increase productivity.
  • Get control of financial management.
  • Help deliver better customer service.
  • Assist with human resources management.
  • Streamline project management needs.
  • Improve supply chain and operations management.
  • Make better decisions through business intelligence and AI.

Global ERP has its benefits as well. It streamlines all those basic finance and operational functions and helps you sustain standard business processes that help you expand into new markets and work around the world. On a global scale an ERP system offers tools to:


  • Help you collaborate across your virtual organisation.
  • Support new locations that allow you to expand into new markets easily.
  • Standardise a single ERP solution and help simplify your IT environment.
Dynamics 365 ERP with D365 Business Central & D365 CRM
Dynamics 365 Business Central

What can Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP do for your business:

Break down data silos with Dynamics 365 ERP – intelligent business applications that go beyond traditional ERP systems. Bring together data and relationships, build intelligence into your decision-making, and achieve better results with this comprehensive collection of end-to-end cloud applications.

Choose your technology partner wisely!

The most important part of implementing a new system is the technology partner you choose.  Here’s some of the qualities you should look for in your future implementation partner:

  • Have they done implementations for a company like yours before?
  • Will they make themselves available before, during, and after implementation?
  • Do they have the right combination of technical expertise and product knowledge to help you?


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