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What is Business Central Insights?

Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Reporting has never been easier with Business Central Insights pre-designed Power BI Reports

 An out of the box all in one solution for all your company’s reporting needs.

Why Choose Business Central Insights?

Business Central Insights is a suite of extensive pre-designed Power BI reports for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

You will get in depth insight into your business’s sales, finance and operations. These reports bridge the gap between data and knowledge, empowering you to grow your business and maximise profits.

An out of the box all in one solution for all your company’s reporting needs with fast and easy installation and configuration – along with flexible and competitive pricing options.


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Business Central Insights
Business Central Insights

Why Power BI Driven Business Central Insights

  • No External Tools Need – All Business Central Insights apps are built 100% with Power BI. With Power BI you get access to Microsoft ‘s leading Business Intelligence & Analytics Solution. Eliminate complex ETL and data warehouse processes.  With Power BI you have everything you need to deliver powerful reports in one central place.
  • One Central Dataset – You can connect your data to the underlying dataset (‘cube’) with Power BI or other tools, such as MS Excel and create your own custom reports.  ​The dataset has a standard star schema structure, where source tables are transformed into facts and dimensions. The central dataset will give you one consolidated view of your business – a single source of informed data-driven Insights.
  • Ongoing Additions – The Business Central Insights Power BI Suite is continually being added to and where the 200+ pre-built report repository will continue to expand to meet all your reporting requirements as business needs change and grow and ensuring you get the best ROI from your investment in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions.

Business Central Insights Power BI Apps

Get access to over 200 pre-built Power BI apps, ready-to-use reports with over 1000 measures. Datasets are out of the box multi-company, and they support up to 15 configurable dimensions. No need for you to invest time, or resources – just pick and choose the Business Central Reports you need Now!



CONNECTOR: Access your Business Central data – The Power BI Insights Connector gives you access to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central data

INVENTORY: Optimise your inventory – Get a holistic view of your stock and optimise your inventory.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE: Complete payments on time – Discover trends and optimise your payments.

JOBS: Drive project success and profitability – Get the visibility needed to drive success across your project-centric business.

SALES: Grow your sales – Maximise profitability with an end-to-end view across sales, budgets, costs and profits.

FINANCE: Take control of your finance – Track performance and make informed data-driven financial decisions.

CASH FLOW: Understand the company’s cash flow – Get a clear overview of your cash flow transactions.

SERVICE: Deliver positive customer experiences – Enhance your service profitability and response times.

PURCHASING: Streamline your purchases – Get instant insights and optimise your spending across all dimensions.

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE: Get paid faster ​- Plan your cash flow and make sure you get paid on time.

CRM CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: Manage and maintain customer relationships – Improve how you interact and do business with your customers.

MANUFACTURING: Stay ahead of your production – Get a meticulous insight into all aspects of your production, costs and capacity.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Reporting has never been easier


Just leave Business Central Insights Power BI Apps do the work for you with access to instant reports for accurate, real-time data-driven Insights & Decision-making

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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a vast range of features and particularly when it comes to meeting the needs of small to medium sized businesses.  With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central  System you can transform the way you do  business – with a new way of streamlining and automation business systems and processes to deliver exceptional performance and growth.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Solution provides you with a single, end-to-end solution across finance, operations, supply chain, sales and customer service.  This Solution has the flexibility to easily allow you to upgrade from other 3rd Party financial accounting legacy ERP systems.

  • Financial Management Features  – Dynamics 365 Business Central enables you to streamline your financial close and automate your end-to-end sales-order and purchasing order processes through automated workflows and dynamically updated inventory levels and more.
  • Customer Relationship Management Features – Enhance Sales Opportunities and campaigns.  Improve the customer engagement experience and enable effective and productive team collaboration – across Sales & Marketing and Sales and Accounting / Billing teams and more with Microsoft  Dynamics 365 Business Central CRM.
  • Warehouse Management Features – Centralise key data and information, automate manual tasks, connect processes and workflows, enable informed data-driven inventory management, provide decision makers with clear visibility on business performance, margins, profitability – and ways to improve productivity and efficiencies.
  • Project Management Features – Streamline and automate your projects – monitor key resource metrics and stay within project budgets.
  • Services Management Features – drive customer loyalty and retention.   Enhance your operational efficiencies – whether it’s warranties, contracts, SLA’s or mobile service management, Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Field Service deliver every time!
  • Manufacturing Management Features – Streamline and better manage the production process – from basic assembly to full-blown MRP.
  • Supply Chain Management Features – Create an intelligent and resilient supply chain.  Microsoft Dynamics Business Central enables you to build an adaptable supply chain that automatically reacts to challenges using real-time visibility, agile planning, and business continuity.
  • Reporting & Analysis – Get access to pre-built Power BI Reporting Apps for D365 business Central with Business Central Insights across your business-critical data for faster and informed, real-time, data driven Insights
  • Seamless ERP Integration – With Microsoft D365 ERP you get an exceptional seamless ERP integration experience when adding powerful ERP apps and add-ons such as Microsoft Power BI and more….

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Enhance the ROI of your Dynamics 365 Business Central

We offer a broad range of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Solutions and Services which enable you to greatly enhance the ROI of your Dynamics 365 Business Central Investment – from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation and training to D365 add-ons and apps and everything in between!

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an end-to-end Enterprise Resource Planning ERP software solution that streamlines performance across your business critical areas including Finance, Sales, Customer Relationship Management, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Services.  As you business needs change and grow.  Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions provide users with exceptional scaling capabilities…

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrades

Upgrading to the latest software version of Dynamics 365 will bring many business and technology benefits. Simply Dynamics have years of experience in the delivery of successful upgrades.  We have developed effective tools and methodologies for efficient migration projects across the Dynamics 365 Software Suite…

Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrades

Dynamics 365 Business Central Apps

We help our customers ensure they optimise the ROI of the Microsoft ERP Software technology investment by enhancing the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Visit our DynamicsShop Apps Store and check out the broad range of D365 Business Central Apps Now…

D365 Business Central Apps

Dynamics 365 Business Central Add-ons

Simply Dynamics have several Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central add add-ons to improve the operational efficiency of your ERP Solution. These include software solutions such as Microsoft Power BI, Jet Reports, eCommerce, Expense Management, Document Capture, Mobile WMS, production scheduling, processing design and much more…

D365 Business Central Add-ons

365 Business Central Implementation

Simply Dynamics have a highly experienced and skilled team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation Specialists along with over 15 years of industry and project knowledge that enables them deliver projects on time and within budget…

Business Central Implementation

D365 Support Services

Our team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Ireland Experts are here to help.  We offer flexible D365 support package options to meet all your support needs with transparent and competitive pricing, along with access to our Dynamics 355 Support Centre.. We also provide a range of training services including custom training to meet your particular D365 Software Solution training needs.

D365 Support

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