Continia Expense Management

Continia Expense Management for Dynamcis 365 Business Central

Continia Expense Management enables easier-than-ever registration of business-related expenses and activities in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Continia Expense Management

Real-time tracking of employee expenditure:

  • Use Dynamics 365 Business Central to connect receipts with cash and credit card spending 
  • Keeping track in real-time of employee expenditures both in and away from the office.
  • This solution provides easier-than-ever registration and approval of business-related expenses and travel activities using Business Central, a unique Expense app, and a Web Portal.
  • Easier-than-ever registration of business-related expenses and activities in Business Central.  
Continia Expense Management

Just Some of the Benefits of Expense Management:

Hassle-free expense handling 

Working in finance, for instance as a bookkeeper, you want a complete, real-time overview of company expenses sometimes even before everything is approved. Maybe you are familiar with the situation at the end of the month where employees drop off a pile of receipts to register manually. The essential functionality in Expense Management ensures that all employee transactions are automatically imported into Business Central providing you with a complete overview of employee spending.

As an expense user, you can submit your expenses in either the unique Continia Expense App, or via the browser based Continia Expense Portal by taking a picture of your receipt or forwarding an email and fill out the required fields (only when those details aren’t automatically captured from the credit card transaction) and send it directly for approval. You register the purchase at once and handle your expense reporting simultaneously, which means no more keeping track of old receipts.

As an approver, you get a daily bundled overview of all expenses and get an instant insight into all employee spending. Furthermore, you can forward documents and delegate approvals upon being out of office for a period.

Match credit card transactions with expenses automatically

Seamless integration with major credit card providers makes it easy to import credit card transactions, reconcile them automatically with expenses and follow up on missing expense documentation.  Registered credit card transactions are matched with reported expenses, and if a receipt is missing for an expense, the system automatically creates an expense and sends it off to the right expense user.  The expense will appear in the user’s mobile app with a reminder to submit the missing documentation. As soon as the expense has been reported

Create mileages 

The mileage functionality makes it easy to register and submit mileage expenses, either in the mobile app or in the browser-based Expense Portal. The smooth integration of Google Maps ensures that users always get the correct route calculation and are reimbursed accordingly based on rates you control in Business Central. 

Adding to the user-friendly overview, the app displays an image of the chosen route. This image can also be viewed in Business Central, along with all other relevant mileage details. For recurring routes, expense users can easily create templates for these to save time on manual typing.  

 Create per diem 

Per diem, or daily calculation of allowances for accommodation and meals, is an integrated part of Expense Management. The feature includes special country requirements and allows users to send in reports directly from the mobile app or from the Expense Portal, by specifying travel period, accommodation and meals per day. Reimbursement rates, posting account and rules are all configured in Business Central. 

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