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The All New SQL Server 2022


Announcing SQL Server 2022 for Azure-enabled performance, security & availability Innovation.

SQL Server 2022 is the most Azure-enabled release yet, enabling customers to protect their data and drive deeper insights and governance from their data at scale. Benefit from built-in intelligence and industry-leading security, performance, and availability.

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the world’s most popular relational databases, trusted by companies across all industries and sectors.  if you want ground-breaking, revolutionary, innovative, and reliable technology – then Microsoft SQL Server is the way to go!

In November 2021 Microsoft announced the preview of the long awaited  SQL Server 2022, – the most Azure-enabled release of SQL Server yet, with continued R&D focus firmly on innovation for – performance, security, and availability.

For Company’s that store, process, and analyse data – SQL Server 2022 will be a significant game-changer regarding performance, stability, connectivity, and data security. All the improvements come from its improved integration with Azure SQL and the brand-new SQL Server Ledger, which makes use of the new blockchain technology.

With stronger Azure integration concerning disaster recovery, analytics, reporting, analysis, and query intelligence and its long-standing relational database management system (RDBMS) – now integrates with various cloud-based Microsoft services – and is a gamechanger in the industry.

With the ever-increasing data-volumes being generated, is both an opportunity and a challenge for companies on many fronts – regardless of whether it is in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid environments.

To enable customers to survive and get the most out of these new data driven environments, Microsoft offers an and end to end data platform of products and services to help you meet all new challenges.

Azure SQL Server enables you to get a consistent, unified experience across your entire SQL portfolio along with a full range of deployment options.

Azure SQL Server 2022’s Updates – What’s New in a snapshot!  

Azure SQL Server:

The family of SQL Server cloud databases providing flexible options for application migration, modernisation, and development.

  • Migrate your SQL Server data workloads with SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines…
  • Update your current applications or enjoy the options of hybrid flexibility with Azure SQL Managed Instance…
  • Maintain & Support cloud applications with Azure SQL Database…
  • Optimise existing SQL Server skills in the cloud on the same SQL Server engine…
  • Extend the value-add of your existing applications to IoT gateways and devices with Azure SQL Edge…
  • Make the most of your current SQL Licence investments…
  • Run Azure SQL on-premises and in multi-cloud environments with Azure Arc-enabled Data Services…
  • Optimise easy & flexible migration opportunities….

Always Up to Date & Fully Managed:

  • Microsoft Azure is the only cloud with evergreen SQL that automatically applies the latest updates and patches so that your databases are always up to date.
  • Complex tasks such as performance tuning, availability, disaster recovery, and back-ups are all fully automated, saving you time to focus on the Applications.

Expand your existing SQL Server Experience in the Cloud:

  • As Azure SQL is built on the same SQL Server technology that is already very familiar to you – you don’t have the added worry of having to learn new SQL skills when making any move.
  • You only need to develop your application once drawing on your existing SQL skills and easily deploy it on any Azure SQL cloud database on Azure.
  • Azure is the only cloud with consistent SQL code base that covers from Edge to Cloud.

Azure SQL 2022 – some Key Benefits:

More and more companies are moving to Cloud and away from the more traditional IT Resourcing & Management models.  Some of the key reasons are the many benefits which companies can avail of with Azure Cloud Services such as:

  • Value-add, flexible & discounted rate pricing options – optimise existing on-premise investments when you migrate your SQL Server databases to the Azure platform.
  • A single Portal – Spend less time monitoring your workloads with a single portal that allows you to view all your Azure SQL databases, virtual machines, pools, and instances – all in one central location.
  • Global Scale – Agility and ability to scale as, when, and where needed.
  • Improved Performance – enjoy the many benefits of a global network of secure data-centres
  • Greater Productivity – greatly reduce or eliminate the time-consuming IT fire-fighting and fixing challenges and freeing up valuable IT resources to focus on the other all important business objectives and tasks.
  • Increased Reliability – with Cloud, you can rely on a system which ensures data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity is easier and less expensive – as the data can be mirrored at multiple redundant sites on the cloud provider’s network.
  • Real-time access & speed – as many cloud services are provided as a self service or on demand, IT resources can be accessed and available in minutes, allowing for more flexibility and reduced capacity planning demands for many organisations


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Microsoft SQL Server Support Services

At Simply Dynamics,we offer a comprehensive database administration solution that will reduce your risk of issues occurring and monitoring some key areas such as:

  • Data and log file management
  • Index optimisation
  • Database verification
  • Backups and cleaning of history
  • A range of proactive services to monitor the performance of your database and respond to potential alerts
  • Versions Updates & Upgrades and more…

An effective Microsoft SQL Server Support & Maintenance Management Plan will address these issues and more and will mitigate any potential risks.

To learn more about how your organisation can drive your Business Success with our  Microsoft SQL Support Services – Contact Us Now or why not request a Free 30 Minute Consultation with our Dynamics 365 ERP & CRM Specialists Now – we’re here to help




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