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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Newsletter 7


Welcome to our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Newsletter

Simply Dynamics wish to take this opportunity to share our quarterly Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Newsletter 6 for a round-up of some of the key areas where Simply Dynamics & Microsoft D365 ERP & CRM Solutions are helping our customer success stories. Our Newsletter Series will provide you with Microsoft Dynamics 365 product news & updates, solution enhancements, announcements, customer success stories, details on upcoming Webinar & Events and much more….

What’s new and planned for D365 and Business Central & Release Updates


In this update we bring the focus on the latest enhancements Microsoft is introducing in the Wave 2 Release of Dynamics 365.  These design developments are key to improving your organisation’s end to end productivity and efficiencies and where the customer experience is central when operating in today’s digital transformation driven business environment.  

Microsoft have positioned Dynamics 365 Copilot enabled by AI technology as one of the key drivers of their Release Wave 2 plans and where Microsoft’s continuing investment in AI Innovation positions it as an industry leader in its field.

The 2023 release wave 2 for Dynamics 365 brings exciting innovations that provide you with significant capabilities to transform your business…


Dynamics 365 Team Member Licence – How it works



One of the questions we get asked quite often is around Dynamics 365 Team Members licensing and what it really means for users!    In this blog, we share an overview of some of the key advantages and the limitations of the Dynamics 365 Team Member Licence to help you get a better understanding of how the team member licencing works and to help you to select the Dynamics 365 team member licence scenario which is best suited to meet your business needs…


From D365 Markerting to D365 Customer Insights Journeys


Microsoft have recently announced changes to its Marketing Solutions and where they have integrated the D365 Marketing into D365 Customer Insights – it is now known as Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys. The biggest change to come from this is that any new Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Journeys licenses will only contain real-time marketing features and won’t feature outbound marketing.

This new Customer Insights module will now contain all the real-time marketing features from the Dynamics 365 Marketing module and will also feature powerful AI-powered Copilot integration.

Microsoft have now bundled Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Data and Customer Journeys into the one product – which will make it easier for you to now access the benefits of both solutions within the one module…

Why Dynamics 365 Copilot will transform the way you work



Microsoft AI is setting the pace in helping organisations deliver operational efficiency and powerful customer engagement.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot AI is one of the leading digital transformation tools for both ERP Enterprise Resource Planning and CRM Customer Relationship Management platforms.

Microsoft’s new AI updates to its Dynamics 365 suite includes a series of copilot functions to automate repetitive and tedious tasks and open the workforce’s full creative potential.

Dynamics 365 Copilot makes use of recent developments in generative AI and where Dynamics 365 Copilot puts Customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) to work for business users to accelerate their pace of innovation and improve business outcomes across every line of business.  With Dynamics 365 Copilot, organisations can provide their workers with AI tools built for Sales, Marketing, Service, Operations, Supply Chain Teams and more.

D365 Copilot is redefining the end-to-end business digital transformation process – enabling organisations to harness the power of AI tools across D365 ERP and CRM Solutions…

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