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Simplifying the Dynamics 365 Sales Process



Dynamics 365 Sales Release Wave 1 – Simplifying the things that matter!


Simplifying the Dynamics 365 Sales Process is another great blog from our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Community and shared by Linda Simovic – Partner Head of Product @ Microsoft.  See why Dynamics 365 Sales leads the way – learn how the Microsoft Dynamics Sales release wave 1 has been tailored to help Sales Teams meet everyday challenges, be more productive and enhance the customer journey.  Key to the success of any Sales team is access to the right data and at the right time and most importantly, sellers need their data to work for them and ensure they can focus on the priority tasks at hand.

Whoever said Selling was easy!…   

Selling isn’t easy and never was! If you were to take a few minutes to check in with a salesperson and ask them what makes the selling process so challenging, you’d quickly learn that you don’t have nearly enough time to cover it all, and where to start!

One thing that has remained constant for salespeople – is that time is of the essence! and in short supply.   In any typical working day, sellers are forever multi-tasking from managing leads and sales Pipelines to tracking performance metrics and collaboration with team members based across multiple locations, while at the same, delivering a blend of digital and personalised experiences to customers throughout the Customer Journey.  Key to the success of any Sales team is access to the right data and at the right time and most importantly, sellers need their data to work for them and ensure they can focus on the priority tasks at hand.

Dynamics 365 is a leader for unparalleled value with Dynamics 365 Sales 2022 release wave 1

With the Dynamics 365 Sales 2022 release wave 1, Microsoft are focused on streamlining the seller experience by elevating collaboration tools further and expanding intelligence capabilities, so that every seller can make faster use of their data, reclaim their time, and be more productive with their customers.

Microsoft’s approach targets three areas to improve the sales team’s experiences and empower them to achieve even more than before:

  • Guide sellers with expanding intelligence
  • Make collaboration faster and easier
  • Sales Success with more productive tools

Guide sellers with Intelligence – What if we told you that sellers could take some of the guesswork out of their day-to-day workflows? With this release wave 2022, Microsoft are rolling out some powerful updates to guide sellers to:

  • connect with the right customers
  • capture interactions to help sellers focus on winning deals
  • provide comprehensive insights into their pipelines
  • improve the predictability of revenue forecasts.
  • guide sellers with predictive analytics and automation.

Connect with the right Customers – Over the next few months, features for Dynamics 365 Sales Accelerator will become available and enabling sellers (using sales enterprise or premium) to have a single workspace to help them close more deals.

New capabilities and features include:

  • enhanced worklist features to prioritise your work
  • new AI-based models to improve the data quality
  • streamlined sequences creation and activity management, including sequence templates based on industry best practices.

These features will help guide sellers on how to prioritise and connect with the right customer, help them on executing consistently throughout the customer journey cycle, and give them the ability to choose the right engagement plan for their prospects and customers.

Capture every interaction with Conversation Intelligence – Get the right business Insights, at the right time and at the right place with Conversation Intelligence.   Sellers will now be able to capture every customer interaction and get real-time business insights on the platform or channel of their choice. They will get real-time content suggestions while on calls and insights to learn how call performance affects call outcomes. These capabilities are in preview now and released for general availability in September 2022.

Predictive pipeline scoring – Available in general availability, sellers can now assign scoring attributes per sales stage and see the number of days since the deal has moved, and quickly understand how the stagnation impacts the score of the deal. This helps sellers determine the right next steps to take in order to move the deal forward.

Enhanced forecasting – Provide your sales teams with predictability to their revenue forecasts, and a workspace that provides comprehensive insights into their sales pipeline. Now in general availability, sales teams can streamline forecasting workflows by setting the default view. Now teams can quickly access sales projections and freeing up valuable time to focus on customers.

Make collaboration even easier – In reality! these days to sell well you need a hyper-connected team. From customer relationship management (CRM) to email to messaging apps, sales teams rely on a lot of tools to get their jobs done!  That’s why Microsoft focused on enhancing the connection between Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft Teams to ensure teams can collaborate more easily and be more productive.

Tighter Teams experience – Sales teams will now be able to easily associate Teams meetings with Dynamics 365 Sales records allowing for even more productive meetings. Sales teams can capture notes and tasks, as well as quickly and easily access and update records, all within the Teams interface. This feature will become generally available beginning in September.

Embedded Teams chat in Dynamics 365 – Sellers can now stay within their CRM workflow while collaborating with key stakeholders with the Teams-embedded chat experience and to ensure context remains front and centre.

Get ahead of the competition with more productive tools:

On a final note – sellers are now enabled to better keep their finger on the pulse of customer relationships and introduce automation into their sales processes that didn’t exist before.  Users need a way to bring business context into all conversations when and where they are initiated. We now enable sellers to share and interact with Dynamics 365 Sales records directly in the Teams message.

Discover hidden accounts and contacts – With predictive relationship intelligence, sales teams can query their entire network based on interactions gathered from Dynamics 365 Sales and Exchange to discover hidden trends and relationships, obtain introductions, and accelerate opportunities.

Simplify day-to-day sales activities – With the built-in Sales Hub app, sellers can get their ideal selling experience. Sales Hub is designed to simplify your day-to-day sales activities providing sellers with vital information in one central location and freeing them up to focus on key activities and tasks that require attention and more focus.

Simplifying the Dynamics 365 Sales Process – Learn more about the Road to Success with Dynamics 365 Sales:

These are just some of the key features Microsoft are rolling out for the Dynamics 365 Sales release wave 1. To go deeper into the newest features for Dynamics 365 Sales – view this short VIDEO for a deep dive!



Simplifying the Dynamics 365 Sales Process

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