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What are the changes coming to Microsoft Dynamics GP?


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In April 2023, Microsoft announced a significant update on changes to Dynamics GP. They will end the sale of new Dynamics GP licenses to new customers by 2026 and will take a phased approach over the next 3 years.   Check out our blog to help you to better understand what this means for Dynamics GP Users and what the future holds.


What are the changes coming to Microsoft Dynamics GP?   

Microsoft recently announced a number of further changes to the future of Dynamics GP and its impacts on existing and new Users.

This update didn’t really come as any great surprise as for some time now, many were asking the questions around what Microsoft’s long-term plans were for the future of Dynamics GP previously known as Great Plains.

Below is a summary of the key impacts of Dynamics GP for existing customers and any potential new customers.

What are the changes to New Dynamics GP Sales?

In April 2023 Microsoft announced there will be no New Sales of Dynamics GP from 2026 onwards.  It will be discontinuing the sale of new Dynamics GP licences and will be phasing this out over the next three years. Existing Dynamics GP customers will still be able to purchase additional users but there will be no new case Dynamics GP sales.

  • 1st April 2025: Will see the end of new sales of Dynamics GP for new customers to purchase GP perpetual licenses and where for new subscription sales can still happen for one further year.
  • 1st April 2026: Will see the end of all new sales for new customers to purchase GP for both perpetual and subscription licenses.

The good news is that Microsoft wants to focus most of its resources on other innovative ERP solutions and want to make sure that new customers adopt systems that benefit from future innovations.

What are the changes to existing Dynamics GP Users?

Microsoft is still committed to its ongoing development and support plans for the Dynamics GP User base and is continuing support and development of Dynamics GP to 2028 and beyond.

For existing customers, Microsoft will continue to provide:

  • regulatory (tax) updates
  • security updates
  • fixes to ensure that current versions of Dynamics GP remain up to date, including any usability and reliability updates needed to address customer issues so ensure that businesses continue to run successfully on the Dynamics GP platform.

Changes to Dynamics GP Pricing for existing Users:  

The indicative price increases from Microsoft are:

  • Enhancement Plan to increase from 17% to 18%
  • Advantage Plan to increase from 19% to 20%.
  • The Subscription and Perpetual license price increases are expected in October 2023

Note – Please take time to checkout the latest Price increase updates with your Partner and/or Microsoft.

Get to know the Dynamics GP Lifecycle Terms & Policies

The Graphic below shows the lifecycle of the various versions of Dynamics GP.  To help you to better understand the full Dynamics GP Lifecycle Terms & Policies – check out the Microsoft Dynamics GP Update HERE.

What are the changes coming to Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Is it time for ERP Change?

Why not consider a seamless move to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

As Microsoft’s focus remains on its significant investments and innovations in Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP technology – why not take the time now to explore why moving to D365 Business Central Cloud is the next best move for your business!

In today’s cloud driven technology, more and more companies are seeing the benefits of moving their business management software solutions to the cloud.  With Business Central, you get a powerful cloud-based ERP Solution which enables you to seamlessly automate and streamline your end-to-end business operations.

Some of the key benefits of D365 Business Central include:

  • Run your entire business on a single, integrated ERP cloud solution and help simplify your IT environment.
  • Increase productivity and performance
  • Low cost of Ownership
  • Easy & Flexible pricing options – grow your D365 Business Central as your business needs change and grow
  • Centralised Repository for all your business Data & Information
  • Combines ERP and CRM capabilities
  • Seamless Microsoft Business Central integration and implementations
  • Data security and compliance
  • Excellent support and more accessible upgrades
  • Enables informed data-driven Decision making and boosts efficiencies
  • Unifies Business Functionality

Next steps for Dynamics GP Users:

This announcement is a significant development for the future of Dynamics GP and where Microsoft’s focus will remain on continuing investment and innovation in Dynamics 365 Business Central. This may leave many Dynamics GP users questioning how they will manage their longer-term GP Plans and options to help them to meet strategic goals and maintain a competitive advantage.

Microsoft have some excellent migration options to help with a Dynamics GP to BC cloud ERP system move.   If you need any assistance to help you to evaluate the best ERP roadmap for your organisation, contact our Dynamics 365 team now, we’re here to help.

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