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Seamless Document Management in D365 Business Central



This blog introduces you to one of our more recent SD Apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central – the SD Document Sender App.  This App is designed for Seamless Document Management in D365 Business Central to easily streamline and automate the processes.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficient document management is crucial for maintaining smooth operations and effective communication. If you’re using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you already understand the importance of a robust system for managing your business processes.

However, the challenge of handling document distribution – whether through email, printing, or digital storage – can often slow you down. Enter the SD Document Sender App! a powerful tool designed to revolutionise how you manage your documents within D365 Business Central.

What is the SD Document Sender App for D365 Business Central?

The SD Document Sender for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a versatile application that allows for the automated scheduling or manual sending of documents. Whether you need to email, print, or store your documents in Azure container storage, this app has you covered. The result? – Streamlined operations, Reduced costs, professional and consistent communication.

Some Key Features of the SD Document Sender App include:

  • Scheduled Batch Sending: Automate the sending of documents via email, print, or to Azure Blob Container Storage. This feature ensures that your documents are sent out at the right time, every time, without manual intervention.
  • Manual Send Option: Need to send a document immediately? The manual send option allows you to do so in just a few clicks, ensuring flexibility and control.
  • Defined Points of Contact: Maintain consistent communication by defining specific points of contact for each document type. This ensures that your emails always reach the right person.
  • Customisable Email Templates: Use the rich HTML editor to create professional email templates. Customize the subject and body using variable placeholder fields from the document for personalized and consistent messaging.
  • Auto Attachments: Schedule attachments to be included with your documents based on specific dates. For example, automatically include a promotional flyer with your emails on set future dates.
  • Flexible Document Formats: Send documents as PDFs or electronic documents, depending on your needs.
  • Comprehensive History: Keep a full history of all sent documents, making it easy to track and reference past communications.
  • Pre-Configured Setups: Benefit from sample document setups and email templates included with the app, allowing for quick and easy implementation.

Seamless Document Management in D365 Business Central – Why Choose the SD Document Sender App for D365 Business Central?

Cost-Effective Solution:

Consider the costs associated with traditional document distribution. With print and post costing an average of €1.50 per document, switching just 53 documents to digital distribution per month can cover the cost of the SD Document Sender App. This switch not only saves money but also reduces your environmental footprint by cutting down on paper use.

Use Case Examples:

The SD Document Sender App is versatile and can be tailored to various business needs. Here are some practical use cases:

  • Sales Quotes: Automatically send sales quotes upon release, as reminders, or when they expire.
  • Order Confirmations: Ensure customers receive order confirmations when orders are released or shipped.
  • Shipment Advices: Send shipment advices upon posting shipments.
  • Sales Invoices: Distribute sales invoices when issued and as payment due dates approach.
  • Customer and Vendor Remittances: Automate the sending of remittance advices.
  • Promotional Material: Easily send circulars or promotional materials to targeted customer or vendor lists.
  • Customer Statements: Automatically send customer statements at the end of the month or on demand.

Transform your document management process now with the SD Document Sender App for D365 Business Central.

  • Embrace automation
  • Enhance communication
  • Save costs – all while ensuring your documents are handled with the professionalism and consistency your business deserves.

Trial the SD Document Sender App Today!

Are you ready to improve and manage your document sending process in D365 Business Central?

The SD Document Sender App offers a free trial, allowing you to experience firsthand how it will enable you to easily streamline your document distribution and enhance your communication efficiency. With its rich feature set and ease of use, you’ll quickly see the many benefits of this App!

Getting Started:

  1. Install the App: Download from Microsoft AppSource, installation is quick and straightforward.
  2. Configure Your Settings: Use the included sample setups and templates to configure the app according to your business needs.
  3. Start Sending: Begin automating your document distribution and enjoy the newfound efficiency and cost savings.
  4. Learn more about the Document Sender App for D365 Business Central 👉Here



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