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Unlock the Power of your Dynamics 365 Business Central Data


Do you want to know why companies are looking for an easy way to access their Dynamics 365 Business Central Data which really matters ?


Join Simply Dynamics & InsightSoftware at our “Unlock the Power of your Dynamics 365 Business Central Data Webinar” and learn how to empower your business intelligence with Power BI and Jet Analytics


With Power BI and Jet Analytics you will:

✅ Enable data-driven decision making
✅ Reduce cost and complexity
✅ Find increased  revenue opportunity


Join our Webinar to see how you can Reduce the time it takes to get accurate and controlled data by 80% – when you enrich Power BI with Jet Analytics


Jet Analytics is a data warehousing solution that extends the Microsoft framework. As a ready-to-use solution, companies can instantly see their business information and quickly add their own KPI’s to emphasise their strategic advantage. The result is rapid time-to-value and a low total cost of ownership.

Integrating Jet Analytics with Power BI will empower organisations to:

  • Find data fast, without having to know the complicated data model of the source systems
  • Make data-driven decisions with reliable, governed information
  • Easily manage multiple data sources and companies to create a single, seamless set of data that is optimised for the user experience
  • Reduce the risk of failed BI investments by getting value 5X faster than traditional data warehousing methods and much more…


With the perfect partnership of Power BI and Jet Analytics – You will Learn how to Unlock the Power of your Dynamics 365 Business Central Data in minutes!



Unlock the Power of your Dynamics 365 Business Central Data Webinar


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More about Power BI and Jet Analytics for Dynamics 365 Business Central:

Fuel Your Power BI with Jet Analytics – the perfect partnership for Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP Reporting.

Following on from the recent announcement from Insight Software on the end of Support for Jet Dashboard Builder (in 2023) – this blog highlights the start of something new & exciting!  with Power BI & Jet Analytics – the perfect partnership for your Dynamics 365 Business Central BI reporting.

What is the migration path for Jet Dashboard Builder customers?

​​​​It is recommended those customers who currently use Jet Dashboard Builder instead use Microsoft Power BI as their front-end visualisation and dashboarding tool, and benefit from the power of Jet Reports as their reporting and data preparation solution!

Power BI with Jet Analytics for D365 Business Central

Benefits of Power BI with Jet Analytics:  

Business intelligence empowers organisations to get the most out of their data. In the Microsoft Dynamics 365 eco-system, Power BI generates easy-to-read visualisations that help businesses perform key analysis. But finance professionals can encounter roadblocks when seeking deeper analysis than their technical knowledge of Power BI permits.

That’s why Jet Analytics is a perfect companion to BI tools, especially Power BI. Their combined utility makes it easy to create and maintain a complete data warehouse solution with very little effort. Gone are the days of relying on your overtaxed IT department for reports that fuel your business. Jet Analytics acts as the perfect conduit between your ERP data and Power BI including many benefits, such as:

  • Enabling you to build self-serve custom dashboards
  • Providing accurate, governed datathrough a single source of truth
  • Rapid time to valuethrough turnkey installation within hours

Jet Analytics is the perfect partner for your Power BI experience by making it easy to take operational data and process it into vital dashboards.

Complementing Your Business Intelligence:

Connecting Power BI to real-time Dynamics 365 BC data in Jet Reports allows you far greater control of the analysis and ability to account for last-minute adjustments. Jet Reports allows finance teams to work with the familiar interface of Excel. Refresh your Power BI visualisations in minutes and be confident in their accuracy.

  • Providing purpose-built financial and operational reporting inside Microsoft Excel
  • Leveraging real-time data so that your reports immediately update
  • Enabling you to build self-serve custom reports
  • Not requiring knowledge of SQL or proprietary DAX programming knowledge

An Ideal Match for Your Analytics:

Where Jet Reports addresses reporting gaps, Jet Analytics brings all your data together in Power BI, allowing you to analyse trends and forecast scenarios through a channel your executives can easily understand. Jet Analytics provides data warehouse automation for fast, consistent business analytics and master data management. A plug-and-play solution, Jet Analytics works seamlessly with Business Central and NAV, whether you’re on prem or on the cloud.

To simplify processes, Jet Analytics has pre-built projects and a suite of both Excel and Power BI-based reports to get organizations up and running quickly. It works by taking details from the raw database and organizing it by subject in its built-in data warehouse.

You can even merge data from multiple sources, including Power BI and Jet Reports, to build data models. Jet Analytics gives you the freedom to rapidly deploy Power BI and eliminate any need to understand the underlying data structure, saving you hours of training. Other benefits include:

  • Providing accurate, governed data through a single source of truth
  • Rapid time to value through turnkey installation within hours
  • Providing pre-built OLAP cubes, a data warehouse, and visualized dashboards
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • A drag-and-drop customization platform

Jet Reports and Jet Analytics are the perfect partners for your Power BI experience. They provide easy-to-generate, real-time reports that don’t require expert level programming knowledge. In addition, they make it easy to take multi-dimensional data and process it into vital reports like balance sheets, P&L, and cash flow statements.

Watch this brief video to see Power BI with Jet Analytics for D365 Business Central in action and learn  how to set up Jet Analytics to get started with Power BI Dynamics 365 Business Central in 15 minutes @ Watch Video 

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