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Bankfeed for D365 Business Central Partner in Ireland



Announcement: Strengthening Partnerships for Enhanced Dynamics 365 Solutions



We are thrilled to announce the expansion of Simply Dynamics’ Dynamics 365 Solution Portfolio and Partner network through a strategic partnership with Bankfeed for Dynamics 365 Business Central in Ireland.

Bankfeed for D365 Business Central is an integrated application within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central designed to automate financial statement import and streamline payment recognition and reconciliation processes.

Key Features:

  • Automates financial statement import into Business Central.
  • Facilitates payment recognition and reconciliation with issued invoices.
  • Supports over 2300 EU and UK banks under the PSD2 open banking protocol.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has consistently proven itself as a leader in its field, owing to its remarkable flexibility in addressing diverse add-on requirements and customisations for businesses.

As a premier Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner in Ireland for over 15 years, Simply Dynamics has been instrumental in crafting numerous success stories for our valued customers. We offer a suite of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central value-added add-ons & Apps designed to optimise the operational efficiency of your ERP Solution and amplify the ROI of your technology investment. Our offerings encompass solutions developed by Microsoft, Simply Dynamics, and a curated selection of third-party add-ons, including Bankfeed.

This dynamic partnership is poised to propel your business forward by making advanced Business Central tools not just accessible, but seamlessly integrable, thereby fostering enhanced performance and success for SMEs.


“Simply Dynamics is committed to delivering value-added solutions tailored to address industry-specific demands. With the rising need for seamless integration with banks and payment reconciliation solutions, we are excited to offer our clients Bankfeed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Its extensive compatibility with a wide range of banks and user-friendly installation process provides a significant competitive advantage, enabling clients to streamline payment management processes effortlessly”, shares Gerard Foskin, Managing Director at Simply Dynamics.


The partnership between Bankfeed and Simply Dynamics is an essential step in bringing the benefits of automated payment management processes to accountants and business managers all over Ireland and beyond!


“I am thrilled about the partnership with Simply Dynamics. As one of the country’s leading Dynamics 365 partners, it exemplifies a proactive and forward-thinking approach to meeting the ever-changing needs of the Dynamics 365 ecosystem. This collaboration unlocks new opportunities to enhance performance, drive growth, and boost efficiency and productivity for the Business Central user base”, concludes Povilas Safranauskas, Partner Manager at Bankfeed.


This partnership represents a significant milestone for our Simply Dynamics journey towards delivering unparalleled Microsoft Dynamics 365 value and innovation to our clients.  Click Here to View the full Bankfeed Partnership Announcement


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