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What is Microsoft Dynamics ERP ?

Microsoft Dynamics ERP is a suite of software that manages a company’s financials, supply chain, operations, e-commerce, reporting, analysis, manufacturing, HR functions and more…. It enables you to run your entire business with a single ERP Solution,

As Organisations business needs change over time, you need to have an ERP solution in place which keeps up with  changing business requirements. 

ERP Solutions will cover all the core functions across your entire business – and help break-down the barriers between the front and back office.  It affords you the ability to scale and adapt your ERP solution as new business priorities emerge. With Microsoft Dynamics ERP – it enables you to just start with what you need now and add ERP Apps as your business needs change and grow.


Modern and effective ERP solutions are powerful platforms enabling the capture of all data into one centralised system and seamlessly connects with other business tools such as CRM, Financials and eCommerce.  Having one source of reliable data truth delivers informed data-driven Insights.

You also get flexible deployment options with Cloud, greater privacy and security, flexibllity, scalability & adaptability and a low code customisation environment.

with Microsoft Dynamics ERP, it will build continuity and resiliency into your business and processes through data-driven Insights enabling you to innovate at a rapid rate today, while preparing your business for what what the future may hold.


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Microsoft Dynamics ERP with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Some key Benefits:

ERP technology is always evolving to cater for the multitude of changing and new business processes. With the right ERP driven inter-connectivity across your systems, processes and data – will enable you to leverage the Intelligence, scalability and adaptability of an effective ERP Solution so you can optimise your end to end business operations and reap the benefits such as:


  • Enhance Business Performance – With integrated solutions such as AI – Artificial Intelligence, powerful real-time data visualisation dashboards, reporting & analysis, you can get access to the Insights that really matter to your business and enhance data-driven decision making to improve the operational and business performance.
  • Increase the Operational Impact – By connecting people, processes and data, brings more visibility and flexibility to all end users enabling them to respond in real-time scenarios and to deliver value-add across the business.
  • Deliver business agility & scalability – An effective ERP solution is built to adapt to your needs and will develop and evolve with you, enabling you to quickly and easily respond to any operational disruption, market volatility and changing customer needs.
Microsoft Dynamics ERP with Dynamics 365 Business Central
Microsoft Dynamics ERP with Dynamics 365 Business Central

When & Why You Need to Upgrade your ERP Systems?

If you are struggling with your legacy systems meeting your current and future business needs, here are some tips as to why you may need a new ERP Strategy & Solution.  

  • Inability to Grow – if your current ERP software is curtailing your business growth and expansion, then it is time to implement an ERP solution which enables and supports future growth & performance.
  • Multiple disparate & legacy systems – As the ERP technology landscape changes, you are more aware of how these disparate and legacy systems are not inter-connected, time-consuming and resource heavy to maintain – and essentially is holding your business back.
  • Cannot meet end user needs and Customer Expectations –   if your current tools & systems cannot meet your employee and customer needs – this is a sure sign that is is time to invest in a modern, mobile and flexible system to cater for all business and end-user needs. If you are struggling to meet your customer expectations and your employees don’t have the right systems to succeed – then you are compromising your customer retention opportunity and may lose out to the competition.



Microsoft Dynamics ERP with Dynamics 365 Business Central
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Remove the Fear Factor & Embrace ERP Change!

  • How do I know which is the best ERP solution for my business?…  An effective ERP System should be able to bring all your business systems and processes together under one ERP platform, and open up access to the critical information which really matters to the business to all stakeholders and end users.
  • Can we afford a new or upgraded ERP?…  A good ERP System will allow you to just purchase the ERP modules you need now and to add-on other ERP apps as your business needs change and grow. This will greatly help  your ERP implementation project to be rolled out to suit your particular business needs, time-scales and budgets.  This way affords you the opportunity to closely monitor how the current ERP system implementation is bringing ROI to your ERP technology investments.
  • Will we lose valuable data associated with current systems and processes?…  Whatever ERP solution you decide on, should cater for the integration and / or transfer of critical data across your entire business systems and processes to meet your current and future business needs.

Discover what a modern ERP Solution can do for your business with Microsoft Dynamics ERP

We hope the above gave you a good overview of what and how an effective ERP Solution can do for your business. Why not discover the ways that Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions will  bring the best of what modern ERP enterprise resource planning technology has to offer your business – with modular, end-to-end business applications that connect all your people, processes and data  for continuous data-driven Business Insights that help you rapidly respond to change and to future proof your business.

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