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Why Choose Dynamics 365 CRM SaaS


In this blog, we share some Insights into Why Choose Dynamics 365 CRM SaaS


Dynamics 365 CRM is Changing the SaaS Landscape and why more and more Organisations are moving to SaaS to Maximise ROI from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Change is never easy and in particular in relation to the recent disruption which COVID-19 has had on economic and business performance.  Its rapid global impact has driven many companies to seek new ways of doing business and to evaluate whether the on-premise legacy CRM systems, processes, infrastructure and environments can continue to provide the necessary stability and agility to remain competitive in ever-evolving market conditions and to meet all new customer expectations and demand.

These changing market conditions have accelerated cloud user adoption and where there are multiple reasons and benefits to migrate to the cloud, though not everyone might be as ready! It is understandable that some organisations may be more cautious for whatever reasons – due to the unknown of moving to unfamiliar territory in a cloud environment, or just caught up in considering the implications of migration costs, complexities, and risks against the over-riding benefits!

Many companies want to take their CRM to the next step and move to the cloud but are being held back as they do not know where or how to start to accelerate their CRM SaaS journey.

The flexibility of some of the leading CRM systems offer enhanced productivity and profitability, along with greatly reduced administrative costs. Why Choose Dynamics 365 CRM SaaS ? it offers exceptional reliability in offering a quick, sizable ROI due to its competitive pricing and the familiarity of Microsoft platforms.

Why Choose Dynamics 365 CRM SaaS

How Does SaaS Increase the ROI?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions delivers every time when it comes to streamlining and automating your business processes and enhance the ROI of your technology investments.  CRM is one of the solutions with the highest ROI of software platforms, making it a low-risk implementation. The flexibility of Dynamics 365 CRM solutions enable greater productivity and profitability along with reduced administrative costs and working in the familiarity of the Microsoft environment.

The key to ensuring you maximise your ROI is to take advantage of Microsoft’s software-as-a-service SaaS offerings.  Microsoft has invested heavily in recent times to deliver best in class SaaS in the cloud and to meet ever evolving market and customer demands and expectations.

What is a SaaS Model?

Software-as-a-service is a popular cloud-based distribution model in which software business applications are hosted remotely by a provider. These applications are available online via a public or private cloud. Usually, SaaS is provided through a multi- tenant architecture, which is a public cloud environment in which different users operate on a single piece of software that is owned and maintained by the software vendor.

One of the key benefits of multi-tenant platforms is that the vendor shoulders much of the responsibility – from managing upgrades to providing all the support and expertise you need and so you are not left to deal with any issues yourself!

Easy & Fast Deployment Option:

One of the key factors in driving the high SaaS adoption rates is the fast, flexible and cost saving deployment options when compared to the traditional on-premise route.  With the on-premise option, it often requires significant upfront costs and risks. The time and resources required to acquiring and maintaining your hardware can be challenging and may take many months and longer, to reach a semblance of a successful deployment.

With the SaaS model, you do not have to concern yourself about the hardware, as once the end users get set-up, they are good to go with the SaaS CRM application.  The benefits are many, with the ease of software-as-a-service significantly reducing the traditional deployment costs and helping you to achieve a quick and full ROI CRM investment in a very short space of time. With SaaS, you also automatically get weekly and monthly updates, resulting in savings in time, resources and money.

Lower Costs with Flexible Pricing Plans:

As well as the savings in lower cost of deployment, SaaS users can also enjoy savings in the long-term costs.  You have the option to pay for your SaaS through monthly or annual subscription fees.

Some Organisations may be slow to adopt a SaaS model as they may think that ongoing subscription options may work out more expensive than the “one-off” fee models of on-premises solution pricing.  CRM on-premise models will often require significant ongoing outlay costs due to the purchase and ongoing maintenance of the hardware systems.

With the SaaS model, you can avoid the worry of maintenance and management of often expensive hardware infrastructures.  Whereas SaaS provides flexible pricing options where organisations have the option to subscribe and unsubscribe to their preferred SaaS features as and when needed and have the flexibility to respond to evolving business needs and demands.

Greater User Adoption:

User Adoption is critical to any CRM Implementation, regardless of on-premise or SaaS and when businesses achieve a high rate of user adoption this boosts the ROI of the CRM technology investment.  The quicker end-users embrace and fully optimise the CRM solution, the faster they take advantage of all the features and capabilities which the system offers, for example, enabling the Sales Teams to optimise the Sales Pipeline to drive greater productivity and increased revenue.

Software as a Service has proven to have higher user adoption rates due to its user interface (UI) and the SaaS applications are available online, where users can access the software across multiple devices – from desktop to mobile. This provides greater user access and team collaboration while on the Go and enabling greater productivity and efficiencies.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM SaaS:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM offers off the shelf and rapid deployment with its latest cloud-hosted SaaS platform to deliver the next generation CRM in the Cloud.

Some of the key features and benefits of Dynamics 365 CRM Solutions have helped position it as a market leader for Sales Force Automation –  Read the Gartner 2021 Report to learn why Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Sales leads the way in Sales Force Automation

More and more Microsoft Client’s are now embracing the Software as a Service (SaaS) model due to the many advantages this CRM model offers when compared to the traditional self-hosted Software solutions.

Some of the benefits simplified:

An effective & flexible cost saving option – One of the key benefits experienced by Clients is in the Cost Savings! – as Dynamics 365 CRM is on a subscription basis model. That means you only pay for the number of personnel subscribed to a particular service. This is a way more effective cost saving method than having to pay for the full CRM product license. It allows you greater flexibility such as adjusting your subscription requirements relative to evolving business needs and demands.

  • There are no major initial investment outlays as SaaS operates on a pay-as-you-go subscription method and therefore no large upfront fees!
  • Seamless availability
  • Little or no IT woes, as you reduce the over-reliance on IT Resources!
  • Expand, integrate and grow as your business needs change.
  • High security levels

Some of the key Features & Capabilities simplified:

  • Better client relationships
  • Ability to cross-sell
  • Ease and flexibility to organise customer information
  • Enhance Sales productivity
  • Best in class Customer Service
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Centralised database across your sales teams
  • Maintain all communication and interactions with prospects
  • Streamline & Automate mundane tasks
  • Enhance team collaboration
  • Generate Customer Insights
  • Enhance Client Retention
  • Segment Customers & Prospects
  • Automate forecasting for your sales performance and more
  • Easy integration with other familiar Microsoft products such as Office 365, Power BI and more

The benefits of deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM as a SaaS model are significant.  However, for any successful implementation you need to have in place a well thought out business strategy to deliver an effective implementation.

The subscription pricing model of SaaS can prove to be a more cost-saving & effective solution than the traditional on-premises software systems – but this will only pay dividends if your business CRM strategy includes a well thought out Business plan to cover all requirements, cost analysis and business applications needed now and the flexibility to cater for ay future business needs.

Why Choose Dynamics 365 CRM SaaS – Take the Next Step! 

At Simply Dynamics, we help our Customer Success Stories and to get the best ROI out of their ERP and CRM technology investments.

Many companies want to take the next step and move their CRM to the cloud but are being held back – whether due to being unsure where or how to start! what next steps look like, or simply have unanswered questions!

At Simply Dynamics we are here to help you accelerate your journey to Dynamics 365 CRM Cloud.  From experience in helping our customers with their CRM needs, we find that many customers start with the Microsoft Dynamics Sales and the next two most popular add-ons are the Dynamics Marketing and Dynamics Customer Service Modules and depending on your business requirements.


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