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A Quick guide to Microsoft D365 Marketing


In this blog, A Quick guide to Microsoft D365 Marketing, what’s new and planned,  see why Dynamics 365 Marketing continues to lead the way! Check out the latest update from Microsoft below to help you to get the most out of Dynamics 365 Marketing with the 2023 release wave 1 planned to be delivered between April to September.

A Quick guide to Microsoft D365 Marketing – Introduction

What is Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a set of intelligent business applications that helps you run your entire end to end business from finance, operations and across the supply chain to sales, marketing, customer service and more.  Simply, choose the business applications you need to run your business now and add on other D365 Bus Apps as your business requirements change and grow.   The D365 Suite of Apps enables you to deliver powerful real-time results through predictive, AI-driven insights.

Dynamics 365 applications are designed to work together seamlessly – offering a comprehensive business management software solution that connects your entire end to end business.  Dynamics 365 Marketing is part of the D365 set of intelligence business applications.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing – Some key features:

Simplified multi-channel targeted campaigns – These campaigns can be rolled out across a multitude of channels, with powerful design tools available to help you put together highly professional looking branded emails, lead capture forms, and dynamic web landing pages, along with some powerful social media driven campaigns – all focused on driving quality lead conversions.

Event management – A feature that really sets Dynamics 365 Marketing apart, is its Event management functionality.  Digital marketing is all about offering value to your prospects and customers and D365 Marketing Event Management has a host of design tools to do just that.

The event management features offer comprehensive functionality for planning end-to-end event management including, venue, speakers, registrations, scheduling, and tracking attendance and interactions.  Dynamics 365 Marketing enables you to deliver online webinars via Microsoft Teams and optional integration with other third-party webinar hosting platforms.

Customer Journey Creation – As any good digital marketer knows, before you start to create any marketing campaign and generate leads, you need to identify and map out the ideal  persona and customer journey. Creating a customer journey gives you a clear idea of how a customer moves from discovering your business, to learning and understanding what it is you offer by way of products and services and factoring all these into helping them evaluate and make the right selection and ultimately driving a customer conversion!

Lead management – The end goal of all marketing campaigns is to generate leads, and Dynamics 365  Marketing contains highly intuitive lead management tools to help track, score, and nurture lead management effectively.

Data-driven Marketing insights –  Campaign analysis is key to the success of any digital marketing campaign and having access to the data insights which really matter to enable data driven decision making through actional insights is critical as well as improving future marketing campaign strategy and outcomes.

Who is Dynamics 365 Marketing for?

Dynamics 365 Marketing features a lot of exciting digital marketing tools including powerful tracking and analysis of customer interactions and journeys and is an ideal fit for mid-sized to large enterprise.  The D365 Marketing App is suitable for both B2B and B2C marketing and where B2B marketing can leverage to their best advantage.

How does D365 Marketing Pricing work?

With the D365 Marketing pricing model, it operates somewhat different to the other D365 apps, and which generally work on a per user / per month licensing model.  However, for D365 marketing, users are charged according to how many contact bundles they require and by way of an example, users can start with a monthly bundle which will contain 10,000 contacts and can purchase additional contact bundles, thereafter, depending on their business needs.


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For more information on Dynamics 365 Marketing Pricing:


  • Check out the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide here
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A Quick guide to Microsoft D365 Marketing Release wave 1 planned to be delivered between April to September:  

An Overview

In today business world,  companies are looking to do more with less. Companies are faced with business uncertainty while they strive to meet higher expectations from their customers. To be successful, companies need to understand relevant, individualised, needs-driven interactions. They also need to continue their digital transformation so they can stop working in silos and eliminate execution gaps and redundancies.

Organisations must also provide Digital Marketers with the tools to efficiently deliver seamless experiences to new and existing customers while making the most of their resources and staying ahead of competitors.

Microsoft aspire to empower every organisation to create amazing experiences for their customers that translate into business success.  Microsoft do this by harnessing the power of data & artificial intelligence, democratising it for collaboration, and providing low-code tools for anyone to use. With this release, Microsoft are enriching the tools you use daily with AI capabilities to help you reach new levels of productivity.

  • Use AI-powered features and save precious time while creating segments by simply describing them in natural language
  • get content ideas to kick-start your email creation
  • receive deep analysis to identify high-performing activities and continuously improve them.
  • In parallel, Microsoft are enabling you to optimise how your marketing and sales teams collaborate to efficiently drive more revenue together.
  • break down silos between departments, create sales activities from customer journeys, improve the quality of your leads, and, ultimately, accelerate your pipeline.

Microsoft’s guiding principles are to make your job as a digital marketer easier, make you more efficient, and enhance collaboration with other departments so that you can deliver real-time, personalised experiences at scale, delight your customers in new ways, and drive organisational success.

This Dynamics 365 Marketing Release Wave 1 revolves around four themes that lead to the transformation of customer experience:

  • Engage your customers in moments that matter across all touchpoints to build end-to-end, holistic experiences.
  • Enable collaboration across your organization to unify sales and marketing to transform customer experiences.
  • Make faster and better decisions leveraging the power of ** data and analytics** and achieve higher levels of marketing maturity.
  • Drive unique experiences through personalized content, images, and channels tailored to each customer.
  • Leverage Copilot and AI innovationto deliver compelling and personalized experiences within minutes.

Some of the key Updates to Dynamics 365 Marketing 2023 release wave 1:

Investment areas:

Moments-based – Define the best channels and identify relevant touchpoints to trigger interactions that will successfully engage customers in the moments that matter.

Personalisation – Leverage your customer data and past interactions to transform your customer experience by delivering personalized messages, content, and images through the best channel.

Copilot and AI innovation – Harness the power of generative AI with Copilot in Dynamics 365 Marketing to generate ideas and content faster, create segments, and complete time-consuming tasks just by describing them.   Check out the latest blog on AI driven marketing with Chat GPT for Dynamics 365

Data and analytics – Bring maturity to your marketing activities by making it easy to scale real-time interactions, drive efficiency, and optimize your marketing activities based on performance analytics.

Unify sales and marketing – Empower your teams to break down silos and deliver 1:1 personalised customer experience by enabling marketers and sellers to identify, target, and nurture leads and to collaborate to accelerate the pipeline.

For application administrators:

User-impacting features to the user experience enabled automatically – User-impacting features should be reviewed by application administrators. This facilitates release change management and enables successful onboarding of new capabilities released to market. For the complete list, look for all features tagged “Users, automatically” in the release plan.

Features that must be enabled by application administrators – This release wave contains features that must be enabled or configured by administrators, makers, or business analysts to be available for their users. For the complete list, look for all features tagged “Users by admins, makers, or analysts” in the release plan.

A Quick guide to Microsoft D365 Marketing – How to Get the most out of Dynamics 365 Marketing? 

To learn more about the entire set of capabilities being delivered during this D365 Marketing release wave, check out the release plan useful links below.

Helpful links Description
Release plan View all capabilities included in the release – What’s New & Planned.
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Release calendar Know important release milestones.
Licensing Improve your understanding of how to license Marketing.
Product documentation Find documentation for Marketing.
User community Engage with Marketing experts and peers in the community.
Product trials Get started with Marketing.
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