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Unlock Efficiency with Seamless AP Automation in D365 Business Central Webinar




Unlocking Efficiency with seamless Invoice Payment Automation in D365 Business Central, enabled by Continia Document Capture


  • Are you tired of typing up invoices and other documents manually?
  • Do you want to Discover how to streamline and automate every step of daily document handling ?


Unlock Efficiency with Seamless AP Automation in D365 Business Central Webinar

Whether you are performing data entry, posting, or retrieval, Continia Document Capture for Dynamics 365 Business Central is an AP automation solution that streamlines and automates your end-to-end manual invoice process.

Join this Insightful Webinar where Willie Fitzgerald (Simply Dynamics) and Martijn Holterman (Continia) will share how our Customer’s are optimising Continia Document Capture to automate and streamline Invoice Management.

Some of the Webinar Highlights will cover:

  • Data capture – Eliminate tedious and repetitive manual data entry with Document Capture’s intelligent OCR. The software reduces errors and saves you time by recognizing text and placing it in the correct fields in your Business Central.
  • Order matching – Cut down on your confusion, avoid errors, and ensure consistency with Document Capture’s automatic three-way matching. Lean back, take it easy and let the software automatically approve invoices within the variance you allow.
  • Approval workflow – Chasing down colleagues to approve invoices is a thing of the past. Document Capture provides you with automated workflows, cutting down on approval waiting times. You can review and approve electronic documents – wherever you are.
  • Purchase contracts – Don’t pay for unused subscriptions; ensure you only get invoiced for what you purchased. With Document Capture, you can ensure correct invoicing, get a clear overview of all your contracts and save time managing them.
  • Secure archive – Eliminate the hassles of handling paper. Securely store, index, and preserve your data, ensuring the integrity of your original documents while maintaining compliance. Track each document’s journey from receipt to final bookkeeping entry for complete visibility and pull up your history in seconds! Recognized and certified in Germany as a trusted, audit-proof archiving solution.


Add value to your workday with Document Capture and set your team up for success! The Continia Document Capture solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central is one of the best Accounts Payable automation software solutions to help you optimise your business processes efficiently.


Join the Webinar where you will see how Simply Dynamics are helping customers enhance the ROI of Dynamics 365 Business Central, enabled by Continia Document Capture to streamline and automate the invoice management process.


Unlock Efficiency with Seamless AP Automation in D365 Business Central Webinar

| Webinar | Wednesday 24th April | 11.30 am – 12.00 Noon |   


Unlock Efficiency with Seamless AP Automation in D365 Business Central Webinar



Who Should Attend? 

  • Key Business Decision-makers, Stakeholders, those involved in the Finance Invoice processing functions and IT technology strategy teams.

 Why Attend?

  • Join the Webinar where you will see the many benefits of automating your invoice processing within Dynamics 365 Business Central enabled by Continia Document Capture.





Unlock Efficiency with Seamless AP Automation in D365 Business Central Webinar


key Features Include:    

Handle all your purchase invoices and credit memos as PDF or XML files using intelligent OCR technology.

  • Automated setup & configuration
  • OCR recognition
  • Batch processing and registration
  • Fraud check
  • Create invoices and credit memos
  • Handles all XML formats
  • Continia Delivery Network
  • Dedicated email addresses
  • Manual split and merge
  • Configurable templates and fields
  • Notification of remaining OCR pages
  • Notify admins about open documents
  • Split amounts by dimension
  • Create G/L lines without vendor account
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Full document archive
  • Export documents (for audits)
  • Apply deferral codes
  • Check dimensions in registration
  • View embedded PDF files
  • Dynamic columns in the document journal
  • Secure Archive
  • Continia Hub


Order Matching – Match purchase invoices to existing orders, posted receipts, return orders, and posted return shipments.

  • Automated matching
  • Matching on totals
  • Matching line-by-line
  • Matching overview
  • Add and split order line
  • Variance handling
  • Serial number match
  • Multi-document match
  • Vendor shipment & order number match


Document Approval – Add a wide range of functionalities necessary to handle an end-to-end approval workflow.

  • Web Approval Portal
  • Approve purchase & return orders
  • Automated approval
  • Approval flows
  • Approval sharing
  • Notify approval-sharing users
  • Four-eyes approval
  • Forcing approval
  • Documents on hold
  • User-specific approver list
  • Notify approvers via email
  • Out of office
  • Forwarding documents
  • Validation
  • Permissions
  • Full audit trails
  • Purchase allocations
  • Intercompany purchases


Purchase Contracts – Get an overview of and manage all your purchase contracts

  • Manage recurring costs from one place
  • Register invoice as contract invoice
  • Review contracts
  • Auto-approve recurring invoices
  • Easy overview of renewal dates
  • Email notifications for review
  • History and statistics right at hand
  • Purchase Contract Intelligence


Advanced Capture – Automatically capture and process your incoming documents with intelligent OCR.

  • Line recognition
  • Automatic line calculation
  • Process all document types
  • Automated split and merge
  • Company identification
  • Auto-check line-item prices
  • Create & update purchase orders
  • Prepayments
  • Assign item charges
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