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Streamline Your Expense Management Process



Join in the Webinar, where you will learn how to streamline and digitalise every step of your expense management process in Dynamics 365 Business Central with Continia Expense Management 


Do you want to streamline and digitalise your expense management process and get more accurate data on employee spending and improve the productivity in your finance team ?


Directly in Business Central ?  – Your bookkeepers get all expenses directly in Business Central on a daily basis and can automatically match receipts and reconcile incoming expenses with credit card transactions from the bank.


Join the Webinar to gain Insights into the Continia Expense Management Solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central and Discover:

  • Real-time Spending Overview – Keep track of employee spending in real-time and catch overspending immediately versus at the end of the month when you receive expense reports.
  • Speedier Approvals – Say goodbye to reimbursement delays. Accurate expense reporting means lower approval waiting times. You can review and approve documents – wherever you are.
  • Increase Productivity – Filling out expense reports and fixing errors is time-consuming. Fewer errors allow you to focus on your work, helping you increase overall productivity.
  • Quicker Decision-making – With instant insight into your employee expenses, it’s easier than ever to make informed decisions quickly about next month’s employee spending.
  • Paperless Processing – No more dealing with piles of messy, wrinkled receipts. The Continia Expense App lets employees snap, submit, and go! and much more…


Join the Webinar and Learn how to streamline and digitalise every step of your expense management processes in Dynamics 365 Business Central with Continia Expense Management 

| Webinar | Wednesday 22nd February | 11.30 am – 12.00 Noon |   

Watch the Webcast Here 

Control employee expenses easily:

Manually managing employee expenses is time-consuming and tedious at best. Finance teams struggle to process and reimburse expenses quickly due to errors and lost or damaged receipts. This also leaves you vulnerable to fraudulent reporting, costing your business more money.   Managing your employee expenses is vital to controlling your company’s operational costs. By digitalizing your employee expense management process, you can ensure, among other things, that:

  • Employees follow expense policy guidelines
  • Spend within their budget limit
  • Expense processing and reimbursement times are quicker

Digitalise and automate your processes:

  • You can get a real-time overview of employee spending by automating your expense management process with Continia Expense Management.
  • Expense reporting has never been easier – employees can upload their receipts through the mobile Expense App or the Continia Expense Portal, allowing immediate visibility and quicker processing.
  • Digitalizing your expense management process allows your finance team to work more flexibly, helping free up time for more important tasks while you stay on top of your company expenses.

Keep track of cash flow:  

  • Keep track of company cash flow in your finance department by tracking employee spending in real time. With Continia Expense Management, you can monitor and control the entire organization’s expenses or keep an eye on the individual employee.
  • Adding Expense Management to your expense management strategy can aid your CFO in making timely, data-backed decisions when planning your company’s budget.

Collect receipts digitally:

  • Lost or damaged receipts can hinder employees from receiving their reimbursements. In many cases, it adds to lengthy processing and reimbursement times. Continia Expense App is a receipt scanning app that digitizes receipt collection in your company.
  • Employees can snap a picture of their paper receipt, upload it using the Expense App or Web Approval Portal, and submit their expense.

Avoid fraudulent expense claims:

  • As a financial controller, your job is to keep your company’s money safe from fraudulent expense reporting. Many employees lie on their expense reports, some with malicious intent, while others try to remember details from the information they no longer have.
  • By automating expense reporting using intelligent OCR, employees no longer have to spend time manually entering information and are less likely to falsify data. If a receipt is missing, the system automatically sends a reminder for the employee to submit the missing documentation.



Join the Webinar where you will hear how Simply Dynamics are helping customers enhance the ROI of Dynamics 365 Business Central with Continia Expense Management…


Streamline Your Expense Management Process


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