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How ERP Systems Enable Sustainable Solutions


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Solutions will form a critical component of achieving Sustainability Goals in 2022 and beyond.

In this industry spotlight, we share some background to the rapidly growing interest in Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solutions to meet the ever-evolving demands of the renewable energy and green economy sectors and where the focus is very much on all things Climate Change, Carbon Footprints and Sustainability goals. 

Added to this, we are now presented with the global Energy crisis and the many challenges that go with it.   Companies are looking to digital transformation and market software systems for effective “Energy Management” to enable the “data to fuel business activity and outcomes “and to provide them with the full story on energy consumption, how to improve efficiencies, regulatory compliance and to reduce operational costs while boosting business performance and growth.

According to the U.S. EIA (Energy Information Administration) – 17% of the US electricity was sourced from renewables in 2018, with hydro, wind and biomass making up the majority of this figure. This figure is expected to rise to 24% by 2030 and continue to grow through to 2050.

The role of ERP Solutions in the Sustainability Story:

Sustainability and the Green environment are fast becoming a key priority for businesses today – and driven very much by company goals, customer demand, regulation, compliance, and legislation – and where ERP software systems now lie at the heart of sustainability projects.

The interest in business software applications to meet the ever evolving and growing demands within these sectors is leading the way in renewables and green digital transformation and you might well be asking yourself how these sectors can benefit from implementing the right ERP software solutions and what are the results.

ERP software Systems are adapted to cater for the specific requirements of these new niche markets and providing significant opportunities for industry to seize the intelligence from ERP Software Systems – enabling companies to automate and streamline even the most complex of business systems and processes.

Renewables and Green companies must take advantage of the benefits which these ERP Solutions provides and will enable them to transform how they do business around climate change and digital transformation. With the right ERP Software system, you will be able to easily connect and manage a host of complex networks of hardware and information, whether on cloud or on-premise. You will also minimise any business disruption as well as manage and respond to the ongoing challenges of complex projects, integration, data management and much more.

ERP Solutions have come into their own when helping customer success stories within these markets.  Companies are experiencing phenomenal demand to meet their customers’ needs of ever-evolving environmental regulatory compliance and energy efficiency and sustainability requirements.

Companies operating in this industry are increasingly coming under scrutiny to ensure they create the right strategy and business model to include systems, processes, and infrastructure to cater for any sustainable demands.

Sustainability and everything that goes with it – from renewables, carbon footprints to recycling is going to grow further in the years ahead and ERP software systems will also evolve to play a pivotal role in enabling organisations to identify, track and measure their sustainable goals.

Global manufacturers will shift their sustainability strategy from purchasing carbon offsets to reducing carbon… within the Car Industry, Carbon reduction will be a particularly prominent sustainability goal with Volvo moving to green steel, or steel produced without using coal, and Mercedes-Benz is targeting carbon-neutral vehicles by 2039…. Forrester Research – Predictions 2020 Smart Manufacturing Report.

Because so much of the data and processes related to sustainability is located with ERP systems, ERP is central to the sustainability story of the 21st century and for their ability to enable companies to enhance productivity and efficiencies in a cost-effective manner.

Companies today generate huge amounts of data, and many operate in a data and information overload environment, and this is where your ERP solution will come into its own – enabling users to access the data which really matters for fast, accurate data-driven decision making across the business.

Re-energising Business Efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:      

Due to the rapidly evolving economic and market developments in the space, more and more focus will be brought to bear on the ROI of investments in the technology and none more so than the ROI which the investment in ERP technology will bring to companies.

The development of Cloud ERP solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has been a game-changer in the marketplace and has opened up endless possibilities to cater for all end-to-end operational business needs and eventualities.

How ERP Systems Enable Sustainable Solutions

Customer Success Story of Sustainable Solutions with Dynamics 365 Business Central:

At Simply Dynamics, we are working with a number of Clients enabling them to deliver their customer success stories with sustainable solutions.   We are delighted to share one such customer story with you now!  Learn how the Simply Dynamics & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partnership enabled Astatine deliver Sustainable Solutions to its client base….

Astatine specialises in identifying and implementing renewable energy technologies tailored to clients’ specific requirements. As a leading innovator in energy and C02 reduction solutions, particularly in decarbonisation – Astatine design innovative technical and commercial solutions to optimise energy efficiency and cost saving while delivering a C02 emissions reduction roadmap and end to end decarbonisation strategies for their clients.

As the Astatine business is in the procurement & installation of renewable energy solutions, one of their key priorities was to automate and monitor jobs & projects – and Dynamics 365 Business Central empowered them to deliver on this..

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