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Dynamics 365 Business Central for SMEs

Why Dynamics 365 Business Central is leading the way for SMEs

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central is a leader in the ERP market, offering comprehensive features, functionalities, and pricing to suit companies of all sizes!  SMEs are in a great position when looking to upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central as their preferred ERP solution.

SME’s will get a significant upgrade in terms of greatly enhanced capabilities to meet their business needs and often available only to the larger Enterprise organisations!  Add in the flexible pricing models, simply makes Dynamics 365 Business Central a natural progression route to your next ERP Cloud Solution.  Dynamics 365 Business Central comes with a wide range of benefits when using Microsoft’s ERP Business App and is a game changer for the SME market.

Integration is key!

One of the most significant and key advantages is that Business Central is not just part of Dynamics 365 suite of business apps, but also the wider Microsoft environment.  This allows companies using Business Central streamlined and seamless integration options.

Whether you choose the custom-built or add-on integration route, you open endless possibilities to grow and expand, as your business needs evolve and change with flexible and easy integration with Outlook, Power BI, Excel, SharePoint, CRM, eCommerce, Document & Expense Management and much more…

Get the most of Dynamics 365 Business Central by making it work for you!

Scalability with Controlled Costs – Dynamics 365 Business Central is an ideal choice for SMEs wanting to gain control of their cash flow and having the ability to scale up at speed. Dynamics 365 Business Central’s pay for what you use model means you never have to be worried that you’re spending on business applications you neither need nor are using! With fixed monthly licence fees, you know exactly what your ERP Solution investment is.

Instantly Usable – Enjoy the speed and flexibility to be up and running in days – with ERP Solution deployment at speed resulting in minimal to no downtime and the barrier to entry is almost completely removed.

Increased mobility in Changing Times – One of the best-known advantages of cloud technology is the freedom of movement it provides employees and none more so in these unpredictable times. Rather than having to work in a centralised location, Dynamics 365 Business Central gives employees the opportunity to work securely on any device, in any location. Empowering your staff to work with powerful rich features and functionality you traditionally get in the office – is not only a click away working remotely whether at home, hubs, or on a customer site – offering all the flexibility for enhanced productivity.

360-degree view of your Business – When you’re working with an end-to-end business management ERP solution all your systems and processes are connected, your data is centralised, and your key Business Insights are fully integrated to provide you with real-time analysis of your business performance at any given time. With siloed systems and disparate data being a major challenge regardless of size or industry, deploying one integrated ERP Solution in the cloud makes perfect sense for companies looking to expand and grow their business.

Best-in-class security – Leverage the security infrastructure that Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS – Microsoft’s Cloud based ERP provides to all users. Cloud solutions inherently have built-in features that make sure all your data is automatically backed-up and securely stored. You are safe in the knowledge that your ERP Solution is operating in a secure IT infrastructure Environment and at affordable pricing.

Enhanced Cloud-based ERP User Experience – Users can easily access the business information which really matters, in real time, from anywhere, and on any device. This ensures employees across the Business are working with the same data, no matter the business unit or location, and can make instant decisions faster, and with confidence.

Rapid Deployment, Upgrades & Accessibility – With Dynamics 365 Business Central in the Cloud, you get access to the relevant training and resources you need to help you better understand and leverage your Cloud Environment. Deliver a rapid deployment of latest version updates and easy upgrade implementation processes to help you realise your business value faster.

Increase Performance & Accelerate Business Growth – Upgrading to a cloud-based ERP with Dynamics 365 Business Central affords you greater flexibility to leverage evolving cloud-based ERP Platforms. Take advantage of streamlined and enhanced automation across your end-to-end Business Operations in the Cloud for new business growth opportunities.

Maintaining your Competitive Advantage – Today’s business environment is an ever-evolving landscape exposing your business to unexpected and often volatile market conditions. Now more than ever you need the flexibility to take a Responsive rather than a Reactive approach to changing market conditions to maintain your competitive advantage. Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP Solutions in the Cloud – will give you the scalability and agility to achieve this.

Add-ons and Extensions – Increase the ROI of your Dynamics 365 Business Central Investment with a host of add-ons and extensions readily available in Microsoft AppSource for all Industry requirements.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Easy Start Cloud Pricing Options:

At Simply Dynamics, we support our Customers to leverage several flexible pricing options to best manage their Dynamics 365 Business Central technology Investment to suit their business needs:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Easy Start options are designed to make your decision easy and your project as low cost as possible.
  • Simply decide your required user numbers and add a service package to suit your needs.
  • Flexibility to modify or tailor one of our standard packages to your requirements
  • You will receive a detailed project task list with time estimates per item and you can swap or change any of the tasks to suit your needs.
  • Any project hours not used during the project will last for 24 months from purchase and can be used for other tasks after you go live.
  • Tailored Pricing and Volume Discounts


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